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History of Air Jordan Shoes

Since its debut in 1985, the Air Jordan line has revolutionized sneaker culture, starting with the iconic Air Jordan 1. These shoes have significantly influenced the industry, appearing on Michael Jordan’s feet during pivotal moments, in commercials, and movies, becoming highly coveted. Initially at the forefront of performance technology, classic Air Jordans from the ‘80s and ‘90s now dominate the lifestyle footwear category. The journey began with the Jordan 1, gaining immense popularity through Nike’s “Banned” campaign and Jordan’s impressive performances. Subsequent models, like the luxurious Air Jordan 2 and the Air Jordan 3, promoted by Michael Jordan and Spike Lee, further elevated the brand. Tinker Hatfield, the visionary Nike designer, integrated elements of Jordan’s life into the designs, pushing performance technology. Today, the Air Jordan collection is celebrated globally, and Common Hype proudly offers a wide selection of Air Jordan collaborations, colorways, and exclusive releases.

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